This home has an undeniable perfect location close to Spokane and sitting along the river.  The size of the home and setting was perfect for the clients but the interior was confusing and hiding a lot of the original beautiful architecture that was original to the home.  The beams and trim were painted green and the space was cut up into small rooms that blocked site lines and complicated the form and function.  We gutted the first floor and reworked the staircase to provide more room for the Kitchen, Living, and Dining Room.  All of the paint was removed from the beams and new trim was installed throughout.  The clients were avid art and antique collectors so we were inspired by their existing collection and the unique style.  The end result is a beautiful home that is open and functions perfectly.  It embraces the personality of the clients as well as the surrounding nature.
Woodwork/Cabinetry: Old Hat Workshop
Photography: Kayleen Gill


This home sits in a beautiful country setting and the homeowners wanted to update the Master Suite to a comfortable, relaxing space they could escape to.  The original space was closed off and underwhelming.  By shifting some walls around, expanding the master bathroom, and converting an extra bedroom into a large closet, the new suite fit the homeowners needs to a tee.  With some classic farmhouse styling and the addition of some unique pieces and materials, the outcome was functional and beautiful.
Photo: Kayleen Gill


This small, single bathroom on the main floor was dark and tight.  The homeowners wanted to make it feel larger, remove the tub, and create a bright and luxurious space.  We were able to add light finishes, different textures, and clean lines to enhance to overall design.  By having the tile continue from the bathroom to the shower with nothing but a piece of glass dividing the space, it make the space feel much larger than it did before. 
Photo: Kayleen Gill


We took a dark basement and brightened it up to feel cozy and inviting for the entire family to enjoy.  The clients were inspired by a resort they visit frequently on the California coast so our goal was to embrace the coastal, airy feel with a sophisticated and refined finish.  Built ins now surround the wood stove and wrap the corner to create a cozy reading nook and entertainment center. 
Cabinetry/Contractor: Old Hat Workshop
Photography: Kayleen Gill


What once was dark and closed off is now open and the focal point of the entire home.  The Kitchen was a small closed off galley style with no option to interact with the Dining or Living spaces adjacent.    We took down the wall and re-worked the space to open and brighten the room.  The clients wanted an organic design that used natural elements, textures, and color.  We were able to reuse the cabinets by painting them a soft gray.  The detailed wood wall was inspired by Native American artwork and patterns.  The table and chairs were already owned by the client and were found at an antique store in Montana, they fit perfectly in the space.  The owners are now able to host family and friends in a large space which makes for a perfect setting for gatherings.


A small bungalow in NE Portland was in need of a bathroom update.  It was a quant space with original olive green shower surround and undistinguishable finishes.  It did however have beautiful original trim and built ins that were important to keep.  The homeowner was brave enough to go with a bold design which paid off in the end.  Large hex tiles in dark gray were installed on the floors and half way up the walls to create a dramatic look.  Subway tiles were applied to the upper half of the shower divided by a small glass tile liner.  The original medicine cabinet, trim, and door knobs were kept to add a unique touch to the newly designed space. 


The homeowners wanted our help to transform their new penthouse condo in Portland into a home that was as comfortable as their East Coast residence of 20 years.  To add warmth and style, we installed 6" wood base and dramatic colors on the walls.  We also custom designed the fireplace cabinet to both hide equipment and add a strong architectural element to the previously generic "white-box" space.  The project was featured on the cover of Portrait of Portland. 
Work completed at Soljaga Design Group


The original space had the single vanity sink in the bedroom instead of being part of the bathroom which was going to create an issue for the homeowners.  With some small adjustments, we were able to create a private space that was now separated from the bedroom.  Cool grays were used throughout the space to create a calm environment.  A custom vanity was built to help fill the space with the richness of dark wood.   A spacious corner shower was used to optimize space without sacrificing comfort. 


We were asked to update a Master Suite which had a long narrow bathroom and adjacent closet that lacked natural light and the personality of the clients.  The space was re-worked so that the long narrow spaces were now converted to open spacious rooms that allowed for more windows.  This classic design was established by using traditional and modern elements.  A barn door greets you as you approach the closet.  As you make your way further into the space, you notice the dark gray floors, and large glass corner of the shower.  White and chrome accents create a clean space that is bright and calm.  The shower is a mixture of porcelain "marble" tiles and blue glass tiles as accents. 


When our clients first purchased this home, it had not been touched since it was built in the 1960's, which at that time had been featured in Architectural Digest.  Even some of the original furniture was left behind which was custom built for the home.   It was a "U" Shaped home with access to a beautiful yard in the center.  We wanted to emphasize the architecture and stay true to some of it's early design intent.  For the Kitchen Remodel, we re-worked the layout so that it was open and easy to entertain both indoors and out.  An aqua, large format glass tile was selected in both a smooth and bubble finish to pick up the tones and textures of the pool which was added in the courtyard. The sleek island with a waterfall edge countertop created a stunning center piece for the entire space.    A soft, dark soapstone was used on the perimeter countertops and the "beehive" style lights added a fun pop to the overall sleek and clean design.
Work Completed at Soljaga Design Group


This classic Portland home was built in the early 1900's and was in dire need of a new Kitchen.  The project required a great deal of creative thinking with the layout.  It was a small space without a lot of room to expand.  We added windows along the South Wall to bring in light and were able to bump out the room into the backyard to gain some space to move around the new island.  A coffered ceiling was added to create symmetry and visual interest above the main work area.  The backsplash was a beautiful hand-made glass tile with a Greige tone that picked up the colors of the Quartz island. 
Work Completed at Soljaga Design Group